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I Will Not Be Stingy In My Forgiveness

Forgiveness. These eleven letters hold the secret to unlocking peace in your life. How often have you said “I forgive you?” without meaning it? Have you ever told yourself that someone else isn’t worthy of your forgiveness? Did you then feel burdened by your choice? On the surface, it seems as though forgiving someone is about that person. [...]

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Temptation Will Not Distract Me

Focus is one of the most important things when working toward a goal. You need a plan first and foremost. Maybe that plan is to launch your own business, to lose 20 pounds or to go back to school and finish your degree. You think about your goal. You think about the steps you need to take to [...]

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Unafraid – Toxic Thoughts Cannot Taint Me

Every one of us will have a day or time where we have a negative attitude. Sometimes those attitudes are triggered from other events. At other times, those negative attitudes are a result of our own negative thoughts. Negative thoughts often take on a life all their own. While having these moments are understandable, it is important to [...]

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